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Die Struck

Your design in metal. Simple and elegant.

Die struck is often used for medals and badges, offering an elegant metal look. Traditional Die Stuck pins use only raised and recessed metal with no color fills. Our favorite option with Die Struck is the Antique Wash. Extremely detailed and intricate design work can really pop with the addition of an antique wash. The wash creates more definition between the raised surface and the darker recessed areas. Simple clean designs can take on a new appearance when utilizing the antique wash. 

Ask your PinCat expert if your logo or design would work best as a Die Struck or if we recommend an antique wash to enhance the look of your pin

Pin Order Calculator

No payment due until final artwork is approved!

Estimated Cost $---.--

Step 1: Select Your Plating


(+$0.10 ea)

Antique Gold

Black Nickel


(+$0.10 ea)

Antique Silver

Dyed Black Metal


(+$0.10 ea)

Antique Copper


(+$0.10 ea)

Antique Brass

(+$0.70 ea)

Dual Plating

Step 2: Select Your Attachment

Butterfly Clutch

Rubber Clutch

(+$0.30 ea)

Deluxe Clutch

(+$0.40 ea)

Jewelry Clutch

(+$0.25 ea)

Bar / Safety Clutch

(+$0.75 ea)

Magnetic Clutch

(+$1.25 ea)

Bar Magnet

(+$0.50 ea, $1 set)


(+$0.75 ea)


Step 3: Select Your Packaging

Poly Bag

(+$0.25 ea)

Acrylic Case

(Starts at $0.50 ea)

Custom cardstock (with Mylar Bag)

(+$0.40 ea)


Optional: Additions

The following additions require an additional mold. Additional Mold Fee from +$30.

Free Enamel Colors Up to 7

(additional colors $0.10 ea)

Free Digital Proof  


Free Domestic Shipping on all Standard Orders


Standard orders of 1000 pins or fewer. For larger orders additional shipping charges may apply and will be quoted at the time of purchase.

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